Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update on the Craftyness...

So I have been not really sharing with you my craftyness (mainly knitting)...I decided to look back and see that I didn't share with you my knitting since JULY!!! WOW!

So here is some of the projects that I have done."Baby Girl's 'That 70's Dress"Close up of the heart..."Being a model...maybe she is upset that she can't keep it. :) "Berry Bliss Lattiss Hat for ME! (Yarn was hand dyed that I got at the Farmer's Market)A Head band with 4 Matching flowers...for someone special (you'll find out later!)Head Bands with Flowers for my niece for her (belated birthday)Me wearing a headband and flower so I could take a picture.The Baby Girl's Blanket I'm easy and so fun to work with a lot of colors. Baby Girl's Ruffle HatWell...I'm glad I finally caught up on sharing with you my knitting (and Purling) projects...

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