Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Picture overloaded...and 30 Days of me!

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Alright...with a name like Katrina...I truly didn't like a lot of nicknames...but some came and went so here they are. Although sometimes I don't remember why I had them. Sorry...
~Trinie-Beanie -- this one came when I was really little. Sometimes it was just Trinie sometimes it was just Beanie. It was probably by far a family nickname.
~Kat -- this name came and went through middle school and high school. During Art class in Middle School and basketball in high school.
~(oh my I can't believe I'm putting this one actually out there in real life!) Treaner-Weaner -- this name really can only be called by 1 person and I think she was "broadening" my Trinie-Beanie nickname.
~Powder -- this name came from when I worked at Redcloud, in Colorado. It's not because I like to ski on the fresh snow powder, it's because of a lousy kitchen skit that I partcipated in when new campers came into for the time at camp.

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
I see my self being in the future to my current husband, Rick! I guess I can tell you all about him...but I would rather tell you a story about how we came to be a couple! A lot of people are amazed when they find out. :) We were actually in the same state of Colorado and we did this wonderful thing called eHarmony. You actually fill out a detailed questioner and you get to know yourself but while you are doing that they figure out who you are combatable with. (This part is FREE!!!) Then you actually get matched with guys/girls. I'm really lucky that Rick "expanded" his search to include the rest of Colorado. Rick started the eHarmony conversation (which is 5 steps and all confidential by using eHarmony as the vice to get a hold of the other person) We ended up getting matched in December of 2005, we did the eHarmony stuff, we took a little break (that is another post all in itself), we contacted back via our person e-mails at the end of January still did a bunch of questions and telling about our dreams and such, we started talking on the phone in Feburary, we saw each other in March, we were engaged after Easter that year (I don't exactly remember when Easter was that year...), we got married in August. So that is the short version of everything...I hope you enjoyed it...Here are some pictures. I truly feel like God used eHarmony to bring the PERFECT guy for me!!! If you have any questions how eHarmony works please let me know...I would love to help you! (And NO I am NOT being paid by them!)Our engagement pic!!!Our wedding pic!!!A pic of us in Rocky Mountain National Park (where we got married)
Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy
A picture...I don't think I can just pick 1 so I will give you LOTS!!!Pic of Rick, Me and Baby "Z" inside...My mom and her first grand-baby!Not our first family photo...but the first one that I actually likeThis picture is blown up and hanging in our house (I won it from UpPrinting) LOVE it!!!So excited about BASEBALL!Me with the new little Bug (Baby Girl)Family pic at Windy Point!

Well...sorry for the picture overload. Hope you have a GREAT Tuesday!!!

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  1. I'm totally sorry that I missed your name on my blog! I guess I haven't seen you in like, forever, so I totally blanked out! Hope your pregnancy is going well! Your little girl will be here so soon! And that is so cool that you met your husband on eHarmony. You should totally be in a commercial!


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