Friday, March 4, 2011

fPhoto Friday

So here is some photos from today...which is Friday.
It's all about Z and his new big bed!
With his Daddy & his juiceWith his mommy & his graham crackerI asked him to get me a book to read him, Z ended up grabbing a C.S. Lewis book Z likes the pictures...He's been bringing me C.S. Lewis books ALL week long!We are looking at the mapThen we cuddled! I'm going to love just in case we have to lay in bed with my little Z-Man (he's been laying on his crib mattress for a while now...TOO small!)

We have discovered that there is hardly ANY pictures with me and the kids. And after we watched "Life as We Know It" last weekend...we decided we need more pics of me with them! :) It is a really good movie, a little sad but it shows that about life and sometimes life is sad.

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