Sunday, March 6, 2011


So I'm actually joining my dear friend Jenn at From Alaska With Love who "borrowed" the idea from Amy at Creating Myself for this little list...then I'm going to add my own list after wards. (more like my "to do" list for this week)

Praying for: the ability to be a wife & mom that God really wants me to be (being a mom to a 2 1/2 year old little boy is NOT so easy!)
Wearing: my Sunday after church sweat pants, a Super Mario shirt, long sleeve black shirt (that's actually quite nice because I wore to church)
Working on: well I was working on my "Gehry" hat (knitting) what I should be working on is the loads of clean clothes that I need to fold and put away.
Eating: actually nothing right now (thinking about dinner though) but I do have a diet pepsi on ice sitting next to me.
Dreaming of: seeing the mountains, seeing the ocean, being with friends I would really like to see!
Realizing: that I should of taken that Sunday afternoon head hurts and I'm pretty sleepy
Impatiently Waiting: for my son to talk more (he will be getting his speech & hearing tested) & for him to get more interested in getting out of his diapers!
Anticipating: our next trip to Colorado, baseball season (none of this pre-season stuff!) & WARM weather!
Loving: this weekend! I got to have fun with family & friends. Loved my church family & service today. Got some good shopping deals on Friday & Saturday.
Stalking: Ravelry...looking for a great pattern for a skirt for Aspen! Let's just say that it's SO easy to knit for girls! Meaning SO many fun patterns to knit for girls!
Feeling: this week...I'm sticking to eating good and starting a work out thing...HOPING the kids will appreciate that I'm wanting to take care of myself. As well as using my YouVersion app on my blackberry to do my daily devotions as well as reading and doing something special for Lent.

My own lists...
-- Looking into getting some baby/toddler hats done so I can set up either an Etsy or a Big Cartel shop (I'm leaning more towards a Big Cartel shop, any thoughts about one or the other would be great!)
-- Wanting to get out more with the kids (but the temperatures are in the high 30s or low 40s!) But I'm hoping that at least to get out and go to play areas in malls! (at least 3 days during this next week)
-- Is SO wanting to learn the Magic Loop (in knitting) this week!)
-- Is wanting to blog more.
-- Is wanting to take more photos.

Well I hope that you had a great weekend. Please let me know if you participate in the first list! I would love to know more about you!


  1. Here are my $.02 on etsy vs. Big Cartel. I personally would do both. SO many people know about Etsy, I think it's more universally known. So if someone is searching for say, a knit hat, they can search there. I personally have no experience with Big Cartel selling, but I do have a few friends that sell hats there. I just know that if someone is looking for something handmade, they will most likely search Etsy first.

  2. you knit too! How cool! Your comment made me smile.
    Thanks for stopping by! And for being one of my first tweet followers! lol.
    Good luck on the giveaway!


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