Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Snapshot #1

So one of my dear blog friends Kim at Yellow Songbird. Is hosting a Linky party for Saturday Snapshot. You can check it out HERE!!! You can go there and Kim actually has a handmade business where she sells some WONDERFUL stuff...she even has the code for a discount in her store!So I had to decide what picture to pick. I could either go with a scenery picture, "old school" picture, a picture of my family, a picture of my kids, and on and on...
Well if you have read my blog at all, you will know of my love of knitting, of going to knitting club, and of my children. So this one kind of takes up all of well as it's new...meaning I just took it yesterday.It's a picture of my dear Aspen, in the blanket that the ladies of the knitting club knitted for her! She is so happy with it! She thinks it's fun to hold, she says it's soft, she also thinks it taste yummy.

Well I promise I will be back more to blog this weekend...and here is a friendly reminder about Daylight Savings don't forget to SPRING ahead those clocks. I'm SO ready for it to be lighter later in the day and it's actually starting to warm up here in Iowa, so I'm SO ready for an after dinner stroll with the family! YEAH!


  1. Aspen is such a beautiful name and what an adorable little girl to go with that name!

  2. awwww isn't she such a cutie!! great pic! :)

  3. what a beautiful baby girl! love love the name aspen too! xo

  4. Sweet baby and I just adore handmade blankets. I gave one to a friend as a gift. I think they are so special.
    {stopping by from the party!}

  5. What an adorable little girl! And Aspen is a beautiful name!


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