Sunday, March 13, 2011

Workin' it...

So my "idea" starting this "Workin' It" was to do it on Wednesday...BUT Wednesday's are a little crazy. I have Weight Watchers over the lunch hour and then the kids are usually a little crazy...I mean they are a little crazy every day. :)
So here is my Weekly "Workin' It"...such as my knitting and other crafting such!
Here you go!!!
I finished Rick's Skid's reversible and Rick has worn it a couple times already. :) I got this pattern on Ravelry, HERE.
I finished my Gehry Hat...I really, really like this hat! It's one of the best hats to "learn" cables in the round! I got this pattern on Ravelry, HERE.
I am working on my Pay It Forward gift that I'm doing on Facebook...seeing that I put on facebook when I blog...I'm NOT posting any pictures until I know that they all have gotten mine...BUT look at what I got from my friend Danielle. SHE is the talented woman behind Mommy's Making Stuff you can check it her facebook page HERE! She actually made Aspen's Christmas Pillowcase Dress that you can see below...Along with the Pay It Forward projects I'm working on Aspen's purple sweater. As well as wanting to start the her skirt (just haven't found the "right" pattern yet...actually I found it I'm just waiting for the person to release it to me) as well as learning to knit in the magic loop so I can work on those fingerless mitts for myself. HOPEFULLY I will have 2 projects going when we make the journey to Colorado (we leave on Tuesday)...more on that in another post!

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