Friday, March 4, 2011

Rick's Journey...

So I thought I would share with your Rick's journey through Medical School. Seeing that Z is happy watching the rest of Cars & Aspen is taking a nap. Then we are going to run some errands!
So Rick goes to school at Des Moines University. He should of been graduating this coming May. But I encouraged him to do the OMM Fellowship, so that adds one more year to his schooling. Essentially he get's his fourth year broken down into two years and he does a fellowship block (where he is in the clinic seeing patients & being with OMM doctors), teaching the first & second year students OMM and telling prospective students about the school and what OMM is all about. Here I am using OMM like you would know it...let me explain it to you. OMM (stands for Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.) here is a link to Wikipedia for more information. There are a lot of different links on the right of the information to help you.
So right now Rick has completed...
~OB/Gyn ~General Internal Medicine ~General Peds ~Psychiatry ~ Family Medicine (a couple of them) ~Pathology ~ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) ~Neurology ~Rural Medicine ~OMM rotation (not his fellowship rotation) ~General Surgery
He has already finished 1 rotation of his OMM Fellowship. He is currently in his second block of his OMM Fellowship. This summer is when he is doing these rotations...
~Family Medicine (in Bluefield, West Virginia) this is a 4 week rotation-- it's an area that we are interested for Residency. Sadly I will not be able to be there with him and the kids but hopefully I'll be able to visit my parents in SUNNY Florida with the 2 kids! Please pray with me and them about making that possible!
~Emergency Medicine (here in Iowa) not in Des Moines, but pretty close that he doesn't have to live away for us! This is a 4 week rotation as well.
~A 2 week rotation (sub-internship) in Alaska Health Education Center. Sadly, the kids & I won't be able to go to this one either, seeing that it's on the list of residency programs as well. (I know we are crazy...but we know that Residency is only 3 years of our lives and how cool would it be to say that we lived in Alaska!) PLUS they have one of the best Rural Family Medicine Residency programs out there!
~A 2 week rotation here in Des Moines doing Plastic Surgery.
~Then another OB/GYN rotation at Firelands Regional Medical Center (this is a 4 week rotation) and it's in the same place we are considering Residency. (It's actually pretty close to where I grew up in Ohio) sadly we will not be able to spend the entire time there with him...but we are going to try to make it out there and see some old friends and visit family in Ohio during that time.
~A 3 week rotation in Grand Junction, Colorado doing a Family Medicine rotation. We are SO excited that we will be able to make it to this one! Love being in Colorado with no humidity in August! :)
Then he is doing his LAST OMM Fellowship block until Christmas. (During that time he will be doing his Residency interviews.)
So that is it so far on Rick's Medical School Journey! It's tough being a mom to 2 little kids & have your husband here and there...but as I keep telling him. "You are a good husband and father and you are doing this for a better future!"


  1. WOW! He has accomplished so much already! Pretty cool to see the "end" in sight! As much as I love living in Iowa, it would be fun to get to see the country a bit more! Enjoy! (as much as you can! :) )

  2. I love you Lady!

  3. I'm having a hard time believing that it's already 2011! That means NEXT year our husband's will be doctors! CRAZY! (I know you will have put in one extra year, but you know what I mean!)


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