Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Confessions...

I'm joining with Melissa at A Familiar Path today for my second Saturday post today...Melissa is real in her blog, and not just on Saturdays. She lets us in with glimpses of her everyday life. She shares her trials and her joys. LOTS to learn from her!

So it looks like there are no rules to's basically just a confessing blog post...I'll try to make it interesting about throwing pics in it...

~I truly don't want my little baby girl to grow anymore! It's not like I don't want her to grow and develop it's more along the lines that she could possibly be my last baby and I want her to stay in her little small self!~I didn't turn on my computer/laptop until 6:00 pm today! and I really liked it!

~I have a couch cushion that actually looks like my bottom...I've been either napping, resting, knitting, cuddling, nursing, eating on the couch all day today...not feeling well so I decided instead of doing my "to do" list I thought I would do my best NOT to get sick.

~I have discovered I love the idea of blogging a lot and scheduling them to be posted on different makes me feel very productive!

~I knit all "clothes" items (pants, sweaters, skirts) too long and my kids get to wear them an extra long time.Z's pants that he has worn for 2 winters, and I bet I can put him in them next winter (I just "hemmed" them the 1st winter!)This is a Lilly Sweater that I did for a friend...but it's way to long for she "rolls" up the sleeves.

~I'm a little excited and nervous about starting Z with Early Access for his Speech and Social skills.

~I HATE being a ONE car family! I know we can do it as long as God grants a nice second car...but sometimes it's just HARD!

~I NEED to start working out again! I really wish we never "sold" our elliptical runner I would use that at night watching my DVR'd shows and such.

~I'm so behind on my book reports it's unbelievable!!!

~I really like my Blu-Ray player...not for the watching the movies but for the fact that I can get Netflix & Pandora on it!!! What a GOOD investment for us! 2 things I'm addicted to!

Well I hope you have a great day! (What's rest of it!) As well as a WONDERFUL Sunday!


  1. your baby is precious. they do grow too fast!

  2. yes, don't you wish they could stay little... just a little longer? great idea knitting 'too big'. great job, mom. ;)


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