Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Confessions...ending of month

So I'm joining with my blog world friend Melissa at A Familiar Path for Saturday Confessions...Like I did last week...I will try to throw pictures in this blog to make it feel like I have something "important" to say.
1) I have wanted to post more (at all) this week...but I failed.
2) My baby girl, Aspen is 6 months old and I didn't blog about her! And the day after her half birthday she got her first her skirt that I knitted...LOVE the yarn!3) I'm excited about the Farmer's Market starting next week
4) The weather has been GOLDEN for the past couple days!!! SO LOVELY!
5) So I DVR'd the Royal Wedding...however I ended up "fast-forwarding" a lot of it...however I'm a little upset that I missed the balcony kiss. All well.
6) I love, no really LOVE when my husband has a day off during the week (he had Friday off) so we ended up being able to go to the zoo.7) I am really glad that I'm able to go (hopefully) to Florida in June (when Rick is going to Alaska for his 2 week internship)
8) I'm trying to figure out what to knit next! I don't know whether I should finish my works on the needles OR start something new. I just finished Aspen's Ruffle Summer Top, with Kool-Aid dyed yarn. So cute!!!9) I do know that I need to get my yarn stash in ORDER!!! I made room the other day for it and I haven't put it in order yet! GRR!!!
10) Still so behind in my book reviews! GRRR! Will I catch up anytime soon!Easter 2011 Family Shot (Z NOT happy! 4/23)


  1. i love when my husband is off during the week too. he was also off friday and we did some shopping. it felt like an extra long weekend today when we got to just stay home and work around the house.

  2. So crazy that the babies are 6 months old already! Cute kids. And I love it when Barry's off too. This rotation hasn't been forgiving, at all! Oy.


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