Saturday, May 7, 2011

Confessional Saturday...

Well today is Saturday and I have to get some stuff off my chest! I hope you don't mind. :)- Like I need to actually confess this because if you actually read this will know that I have been MIB (Missing in Blogland) & I really need to get back to it! :)
- Looking back over the last week...I confess that I dislike the way most of America responded to the news about the killing of Osama Bin Laden. (The cheering in front of the White House...I'm not saying any more about that!) I DO know that terrorism is NOT dead and our US Leaders, US Military & our Allies (and their leaders) need more prayer & God's protection as they figure out what will happen next.
- A Mother's Day back in 2007 was a HARD day for me!!! I can't believe that 4 years later I have 2 healthy kids that call me their mother.
- I don't think I need to confess this either (unless you are a "new" reader) but I'm SO glad that baseball season is upon us!!! I love watching the game (always if the CUBS are playing) Des Moines is also a GREAT place for us to be...they have the Triple A team for the Cubs (The Iowa Cubs) which we have 8 game season tickets. We went last night...
- Confession of TV shows that I heart - How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, The Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Blue Bloods & Army Wives. There are other shows that I like to watch like The Sing Off (but it's not on right now) & I heart my DVR!!! Cause sometimes I can't watch TV Live plus I like to watch the commercials. :)
- I'm pretty excited about on Monday's the Early Access people are going to come and work with Z about his communication. They come to our house too!
- I'm excited to see how big my Aspen girl is! Her doctor's appointment is Thursday the 12th...I guess I will make another post about her this week (Friday-ish)

I'm going to be working on posts scheduled to actually go up on here...SO hopefully, just hopefully you will see (hear) more of me and see more pics of the kiddos and what we have been doing!

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