Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day.... is Mother's Day!
I thought I would put up some pictures of me and my mothers (my mom & my mother-in-law) as well as pictures of when I first because a mom to a little boy & a little girl.
Mother's Day was hard for me for a while though...because I ended up having a miscarriage within the first year of my marriage. So Mother's Day in 2007, I kept thinking about the little baby sitting in heaven, and I really wish he/she was in my womb growing. HOWEVER if that baby was in my womb that Mother's Day...I would not be honored and entrusted enough to be Ezekiel's mother. So I guess God knew what he was doing, but it still doesn't cause me to think about that little one that I got to cherish for only a week.
Alright on for some pics...Jean (my mother-in-law) Myself & Susie (my mother)Not the first time I held my little boy Z, but I looked the best :) I wasn't feeling so hot the first time I held Z-man...shaking and everything!In the recovery room with Aspen...the first time I was a mommy to a little girl!

I do want to say that I know a lot of women (and families) that are growing their families either by adoption or having babies...YOU are all in my prayers during this time. As well can't wait until I hear the news that you are holding your baby/child in your arms for the first time! It's such a GREAT time to be a mommy.
I hope that you all have a GREAT Mother's Day!!! God Bless You!

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