Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Snapshot...

I'm linkin' up with Kim at Yellow Songbird. It's actually quite a little party and a great way to "meet" new people! Plus Kim has some GREAT giveaways through-out her blog. :)The hard part about this "party" is that I can't always choose a time frame for my posting...I don't actually have a lot of pics of my childhood in digital form so I can't put those up. (I need to scan them from my baby book and such) I don't have any pics from when I first started my journey in CO (when I first started working at Camp Redcloud). I basically just have pics of when Rick and my journey started together...but since then we have moved from Colorado (where we got married), working at a summer at Beulah Beach a camp in Ohio, moved to Iowa (and are still here for Rick's medical school) and have added 2 kids into our family!
SO I'm going to show you some generation pictures...The Rapp 4 Generation picture; (Left to Right) Grandpa Tom, Great-Grandma Bobbi
holding Z, Rick)The Andreoni Generation pic; (Left to Right) Nona the Great, Grammy holding Z, myself (This occasion happened when Z was dedicated)The Stephens generation picture; (in chairs) Great Grandma and Great Grandpa holding Z, behind Me and Gramps (I was thrilled to share with my husband and my son the LOVE of the Outer Banks. Nags Head, NC)And Great Grandma really wanted a pic with both of the kids...however as you can see how unhappy Aspen is Z was even more unhappy about basically we just changed that Great Grandma is holding Aspen and Great Grandpa isn't holding Z in the picture above. (UGH, I hesitated putting this picture up but I didn't want to leave Aspen out, I dislike how I look in this pic!; I've got a lot of weight to lose and my front side is looking not very "perky" but now with my new business (the Essential Bodywear) they are looking a WHOLE lot better!)

Enjoy the rest of your more "linky" I want to be a part of!


  1. I love love the generations pictures. They are so incredible special and truly priceless treasures.

  2. Very cool pictures! Something to cherish.


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