Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 on the 10th! or Wordfull Wednesday!

Let's see...where to start!
Welcome to the 10th of August!
1) Where we are in Iowa it's nice temperature right now...I cannot believe it! (That reminds me of Quincy on Little Einsteins, which is now one of Z's favorite shows) I actually opened up the windows and it's still pretty comfortable here. I wish that we would have a better cross breeze but when you rent you can't change where windows are.2) 8 days until I buckle the kids in their seats and head to COLORADO! You'll hear it from me again. But please pray for me! Thus means I have 9 days until I have an extra set of hands (2 actually) seeing that we will be with Grandpa Tom & Grandma Jean at least for 1 night then we will be go towards GJ where Rick is!
3) Z will be 3 in 10 days! I can not believe it! He will also be going to Preschool 4 days during the week. They will be working with his speech & social skills! I'm excited for him to get to be with other kids more regularly as well as him getting more help with his skill learning.4) Aspen is working on 2 other top teeth...I have seen the bumps go down, and now I'm just waiting for the whites of them to show up!5) I'm SO excited about Essential Bodywear Website will be up and running! I'll let you know when that will happen!
6) I LOVE shopping at Kohl's!!! We went on our Anniversary (which was tax free weekend on clothes and school supplies) We got 23 items for all 4 of us (primarily the kids clothing) and we saved $244.91! and we EARNED $30 worth of Kohl's CASH and then in the mail I received a 15% off card woot, woot!
7) Z is becoming QUITE a climber and he's very, very active! He knows what moves it takes to get on the counter (which he get's in trouble for being on) He is also very independent, except right after nap-time and then he wants to snuggle with momma.8) Aspen is my little leech. I put her down on the floor to play with her toys and I say I go in the kitchen. While I'm in there I hear her little panting getting closer and closer to me and before I know it she's there! She follows me to the bathroom, doing laundry, across the room, it doesn't matter! It's really quite cute, watching her little bum go back and forth as she crawls. She also LOVES to dance, rock, bounce, etc. All of this happens with a HUGE smile on her face!9) While Rick is out...I have watched SO many Chick-Flicks or movies that he doesn't care to watch it's quite lovely! I'm pretty sure though I wouldn't mind watching some thriller movie when he's home or we are there in Colorado.10) I'm trying really, REALLY hard to get back to blogging more regularly...but what should I talk to you about? What are my readers wanting to hear from me?

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