Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tastey Tuesday...

So I have NO new recipes to share but I have made some GREAT stuff to eat in the past couple days. So when Rick is gone I rarely worry about meals. I fix stuff for the kids and then I do the horrible thing of snack in the evening. Usually on chips and salsa or chips and queso.
Although tonight I had people over for a committee meeting. SO I made pizza. LOTS of pizza. It's so simple for me. I get the already made crust, I get the pizza sauce and do some more "doctoring" up of seasonings, I throw topping on, then goes the cheese and there you go. PIZZAS!
I made a pepperoni pizza; a pepperoni with Canadian bacon; a Canadian bacon, pineapple and green pepper; and a BBQ Chicken with green pepper pizza. HOWEVER there is STILL a lot of pizza here.
The other day at the store I ended up getting some Cocoa Krispies and marshmallows to make some special treats...I think that these are the best tasting krispie treats I have ever made. I ended up throwing in some marshmallows with the krispies so they are still chunks of mallows in them. SO YUMMY!!! I bet my dear husband would like them like that too!

Again...I'm sorry for no pictures. Will try to be back with at least pics of the kids. :)

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