Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On my own...

yet again...all well such is life. I'm currently very thankful for the men and women who serve in our military who have a family. The being apart is not easy on ANYONE.
Rick was gone for almost 4 weeks in Ohio. Delivering babies, assisting in c-sections and other "female" surgeries, being on call, etc.
He came home the day before our anniversary. :) YEAH! We were able to go on a lunch date, spend time just us two. We were able to spend time together as a family of 4...just as it should be! It was tax-free weekend...so we were able to get some clothes for us. :) We went to the I-Cubs game (sort of) it was sprinkling and Aspen was not really "having" it. We spent a day of relaxing...it was nice!
Sunday however...it was NOT easy. Especially in the evening. Z-Man was NOT happy, very disobedient, very whining, very "monster" like, etc. However it will get better, Z-Man will start acting better (I'm learning to "pick" my battles and learning to smile constantly while I'm doing it!)
Rick is in Colorado right now...he is there for 3 weeks. In 9 days the kids and I are making a trek towards my dear husband! I'm taking it "slow" and will spend the night along the way. We will be meeting up with my in-love's (Rick's parents) for a night and then the next day traveling to be with Rick...and that day Z-Man will be 3!!! YIKES!!!
Now for "random" pictures, I'll be back later today (Seeing that it's Tuesday morning...EARLY morning actually bed time.) for TASTEY TUESDAY!
A visitor on our window the other dayZ-Man playing with Aspen's legAspen looking at me smiling...Z-Man looking at ???
If you are a praying kind...please pray for me and the kids as well as Rick...there are struggles of all types! But there is an end in sight. :) Praise GOD for that!

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