Monday, August 15, 2011

Moments from this Mama...

Let me's been since Wednesday when I wrote last...what are the moments between then and now.
~ The kids are at the right age where they enjoy taking a bath together. They splash each other, they laugh, they giggle, they use up time in the tub, etc. There are no pictures of them in the bath because they are both naked and I refuse to put that out there on the web for people. Sorry.
~ We went to the park before we did some grocery shopping. (we couldn't go afterwards due to getting the food in the freezer or fridge) While I got Z out of the car he started walking towards the park and I got Aspen out of the car. Z was waiting for me and he stood there by the park and just waved at me and said "hi mom" over and over again. I wish I had a picture and video of made my heart go CRAZY! But I did get some pictures of at the park...~ On Saturday, I took the kids to Raccoon River Park for a while in the morning, and while I was over in West Des Moines area we did some shopping at Kohl's (I had Kohl's cash and a 15% card off, so I was able to get some more clothes for the kiddos) and we went to Trader Joe's (LOVE their Almond Smooth milk) as well as other goodies. :) No pictures of the park on this day...but it was fun!
~ On Sunday, it was church. I was greeting so we arrived early. I wore Aspen as I greeted and Z was in his class. Our church is doing a series called Stories and Songs and it's simply delightful! You can check out the podcasts from the series or from past sermons HERE .
~ Today...I'm starting the packing process BUT I got very little sleep last night SO I'm gonna finish this post and while the kids are napping I'm gonna set my alarm on my phone and lay down for a bit and then pack a little bit later. :)

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