Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To-Do Tuesday...

With it being Tuesday it means I have today and tomorrow, 2 days until I trek with the 2 kids to CO. YIKES! There are lists EVERYWHERE!!!Packing List (two of them)
To Do List
There are also piles of clothes everywhere (ok not everywhere...but on the couch)I hope to keep my blog up and going while I'm away. HOWEVER, there is talk that the internet access at the house we are staying at is not up and running. SO I'm not sure about that!
I do know that I will be stopping in Nebraska on Thursday night and sleeping there...hopefully the kids will sleep well. :) As well as stopping at my in-law's house on Friday night and sleeping there...the next day (Saturday) I will have a 3 year old! And we are going to make a car train and head out to Rick in GJ! So if you are the praying kind and know of people that will randomly pray for a "crazy" solo mom (that's me) and her 2 kids (2 and under at the time) on Thursday - Saturday (all the way until we are with Rick!) That would be GREAT!!!
I mean how could these cute kids not be angels on the trip!Z talking on the phone to daddy.Aspen eating her lunch.

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