Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just in case you wanted to know...I made it to Colorado with the two kids. It's not really my favorite traveling by myself...BUT I did it. Partly because I have really, Really, REALLY great travelers!
The house that we are staying at is owned by the hospital for Medical Students to live in while they are here on a rotation...however they have NO internet set up! SO I have been using my Blackberry or hitting up free wifi places for my social connection.
Seeing that I'm still having issues from blogging from my phone...I haven't blogged until NOW. Right now I have an AMAZING husband who is watching both kids and I'm sitting in a coffee shop, I just finished my blended chai tea and I just loaded a BUNCH of photos from Colorado Monument National Park onto facebook. I will be "editing" some of these pictures and posting when I get back to Iowa. :) BUT I thought I would let you know that we made it and that even though it's been in the 90's here...I'm NOT sweating to death unless I'm being active. I LOVE the lack of humidity here in Colorado!!! LOVE it!!!
I will leave you with SOME photos for you!
On Sunday in our yellow stuff...One of the many views of the Valley.

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  1. Traveling so far by yourself with little ones is DEFINITELY something to be proud of yourself about! (I love the yellow clothes photo, too!)


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