Sunday, September 4, 2011

there and back

So we have been home from Colorado. (Although that sounds weird seeing that both, Rick & I consider Colorado home) Let's just say we have been home since last Saturday. HOWEVER when you have 1 car and a stuff to do almost's hard to find time to blog. SO Sunday early evening (after dinner is when it's gonna happen)
We SO enjoyed our time in Colorado. Let me just say for the record that Grand Junction is NOT like living in Greeley OR in Lake City. It's not like looking out and seeing mountains, you look one way and see Mesa or the other way and see Canyons, that is where the Colorado National Monument is. SO if Rick does do his Residency there (which it's a very good program there), I'm gonna have some getting used to looking at that scenery.
Grand Junction does have some things going for it...
~a nice yarn store
~lots of nice parks
~lack of humidity
~the ability to go on hikes and be out in nature
~the wonderful creation to capture
~among other items...
Here are our pictures from when we went to Colorado National Monument. :)
 clouds, Mesa, Grand Junction, Monument
 Aspen is NOT happy!
 A closer view of the Grand Junction (see the "tallest" building that is the hospital)
 Independence Monument
 Z looking over the edge (he finally woke up when we got to the visitor center)

I'll be back with another post.

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