Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My SON and family.

 This post is all about my son! Ezekiel!
My son turned 3 in Colorado! We were actually at his Grandpa Tom & Grandma Jean's house. They drove with us out from Denver to Grand Junction. :) Seeing that I didn't plan very well...he was "spoiled" all day long.
We ended up eating a late lunch. I signed up for free meals for birthday clubs...and Z got one for Texas Roadhouse. He got to sit in the saddle while they signed to him. He was pretty happy. He got some amazing things this year...a Leap Frog Lap-top, some new Chuggington Chuggers, a doodle pad with crayons, a "dry-erase" board with crayons, a couple dinos, a couple games, a couple books, a tricycle (that he got at the beginning of summer), he has an amazing family (that's us!) and friends (maybe you?)
He is starting Preschool on Thursday. He will be there for 4 mornings (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) from 8:15-11:30. I'm hoping to get a LOT of stuff done! HOPING is the key word! He's going to be in a small classroom of 7 other children. There will be more updates and pictures of that in the future.
Here are some pictures of my wonderful family in Colorado!

Some fun times had by us in CO...now back to your regular blogging material. Or how ever regular I can be :)


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