Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm married to a doctor!?!?!

It feels weird to call Rick a doctor...but he is. I'm so excited and relieved that we made it through Medical School. Well...who am I kidding I'm SO glad I didn't have to take the exams and make it through Medical School...but me supporting my husband through it all was enough of Medical School for me. Which is hard enough supporting someone through it. 
So Graduation week is a bit I mentioned in my previous post. So here it is a little bit in picture format.
 The first three pictures are of the OMM Fellow Dinner. 1) is a picture of the OMM Graduating Fellows, the OMM Doctors and Lacey who is the Secretary or Communication Personal of the OMM department. 2) Is the four graduating OMM Fellows. 3) is a picture of all the OMM Fellows that were present at the dinner.
 This next picture is of SOS (Significant Others' Support) graduating class. There were 4 or 5 not present...but I don't think I could of made it through Medical School without my friends and involvement in SOS.
 Finally this sign is for US!!! YEAH Rick!
 The last two pictures are of the pictures I took at Graduation and afterwards.
 Rick with his Mom, Dad and Sister, Jennifer.

So it was a little crazy at least I thought it was with the move so close. I don't think we would of moved that close to his Graduation, if we weren't blessed by house sitting for a couple who was anxiously waiting to get back into their house. So we are very thankful for them and wanted them to have their house back.

Alright...on to the next blog!

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