Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zeke's First Year of Preschool

We were so blessed by Zeke's first year of Preschool. He had 3 great teachers and a great speech pathologist that worked with him 4 mornings a week. Here is a picture of him with his teachers the last day of school. Lead teacher, Ms Michelle on the left, Ms Logan holding Zeke and Ms Donna on the right.
 We have been given all the information we need to get him into a good school down here in Florida. Such as his IEP (Individualized Education Program), his PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) (which is the next picture) and a folder with what he has done this year at school (which is the next picture in the yellow folder).

We are slowly trying to get into a routine here and checking out local library class times or other classes that we could go to. That way we can get out of the house and into a routine of learning and fun.
We are waiting until the insurance kicks in to go ahead and get Zeke tested to find out if he is or is not on the Autistic Spectrum or if he just has some major communication delays. That will then help us out getting into some programs that will help us. But we did find out they had a cool program where they the student has and IEP (which he does) he can get into the program for free. So that is pretty cool. I'll keep you updated on that. 
I ended up making these little monsters (picture below) for his 3 teachers as well as his speech pathologist. I put them in little baskets, with dark chocolate bars, tea bags, popcorn and some other goodies. I'm really going to miss his teachers...they helped make the school year not only good for Zeke but good for me.

Right now Zeke is loving Nonna and Gramps' pool. He has a little star floatation device and he loves to go in there and get some water balloons and hold on to them. If only we could get him sleeping all the way through the night and not coming in mama and daddy's bed partially in the morning. But I think that is what happens when we end up all being in the same room. Or sleep schedule gets CRAZY!!!

Well until next time...which should be pretty soon. :)

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