Friday, August 24, 2012

Sorry I have been away...

So I don't want to fill this blog with excuses why I'm not blogging...
BUT I do have a couple of newsflashes about me during this time.
I've joined some other vendors on facebook and we have a Multi-Vendor Ready to Ship sale twice a month...mine is actually today. SO please find my facebook page Rapped with Luv so you can find out more details about it. It actually starts tonight (the 24th) at 8 pm EST.
Today we are actually taking Ezekiel in for an where we put him back to sleep so we can see what his brain activity is during his sleep. The Neurologist is the one who wants this done and she also said that she has no reason to believe that we need to do any other testing in regards to Autism or anything like that. So that is good. His EEG is at 2 today...and he went to bed 2 hours later than normal and woke up 2 hours earlier than normal.
We are slowly getting settled down in the condo. Aspen is sleeping in a big girl bed in the same room as her big brother. We still have boxes to go through...ones that have clothes for a little bit cooler weather and some that have books in. But generally we are settled. Rick is finishing up his Surgery rotation. His next 2 weeks should be fairly busy...but I'm really liking his schedule...he has been home almost every Sunday (all except one) and he usually is done in the afternoon on Saturday. We are church shopping which is ok, I know this is good for us to figure out what church is right for us and not jump in right away. But we have an idea of the one we want to go to...and we only have a couple other churches to go to.
As you read from before...I'm trying to get my Rapped with Luv business going...where I primarily do knitted items and sometimes other handmade gifts. :) Would love more people following me on facebook if you haven't already. I will be getting my etsy shop up and running by the end of the month! So I'm excited about that!
Sorry there are no pictures...and I'm hoping to be getting back into blogging (reading and writing) again.
Thanks for reading...

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