Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rapped with Luv is apart of a giveaway!

So in the last post I mentioned about myself opening up a business page on facebook. I'm hoping to get one set up on etsy here pretty soon.
SO if you are on facebook and you are not a fan of my facebook page...PLEASE like me! All you have to look up is @Rapped with Luv. Please and THANK you!
So I'm part of a giveaway it's on a page called Boomer Beanies...there are so many great vendors who are donating either patterns or finished items. You actually have to enter through her blog actually...here is the link for that http://boomerbeanies.blogspot.com/2012/08/boomer-beanies-5000-fan-giveaway-this.html and you enter through the rafflecoopter widget. :) Since it started my fan page has jumped up almost 200 fans. Which is very nice for me...and hopefully someone will want to order something through me in the future. :)
Well...that is all I wanted to say. Let me know if you have ANY questions! I hope to be back to blog sometime soon.

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