Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's been a long time...

So I could give you a number of reasons why I haven't been blogging lately.
~ Packing and stuff for our move from Iowa to Florida
~ Hanging out with friends in Iowa before we moved
~ Graduation week and weekend
~ Driving from Iowa to Florida
~ Trying to get settled at my parents house

BUT now I will try to blog a little. We ended up selling a bulk of our stuff so we didn't have to get a really big trailer to move stuff. But we ended up donating a lot of our winter clothes and clothes that the kids have out grown to Hope Ministries. So we were able to scale down a lot of our stuff.

We ended up hanging out with a lot of our friends before we left. Which was really good. The only thing that I wanted to do, but didn't get a chance was seeing the Iowa Cubs. All well such is life.

Graduation week is PACKED! On Wednesday, was the OMM Fellow dinner. On Thursday, was my SOS graduation and Rick's parents came in so we ate dinner with them. On Friday, Rick had stuff on the DMU campus in the morning and Zeke had his last day of preschool. For lunch we had our last DMU picnic, with Rick's parents and older sister. Rick and I were able to go on a date that night (we were suppose to go to the Banquet...but we didn't want to get all fancied up). On Saturday, it was GRADUATION! We now have a Doctor in the house! Out to lunch with the family. Kids took naps, and we should of packed forever and ever...BUT we didn't want to. Out to dinner with the family. To bed and we should of packed forever and ever and we did...but we didn't get it all packed up. On Sunday, we went to church and then we packed the rest of everything with the help of our family. LOTS of HELP from our family...and starting the trek to Florida.

Driving from Iowa to Florida we drove over 1,300 miles and entered 6 state lines. We ended up staying past St. Louis the first night and then able to stop again after we got past Atlanta the second night. Made it to my parents house on Tuesday.

Right now at my parents house we have my Grandparents here, Caroline and Colton and my parents (it's there house after all) and Becca and Bryleigh (after all they live here with my parents) Along with my family of four...it's a packed house! So we are trying to get settled but we are making good use of the pool. So that is always good.

OK...right now I'm tired. I'm sorry there are no pictures in this post...but I'll try to post tomorrow about something. :)

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