Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2 of ME!

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name as seen HERE!

So I could just give you THIS link back to July 2010 of why the change in my blog name...and what is the meaning behind it. BUT I do know that some of you are just wanting to look at 1 post so I'm going to copy and paste it for you. :)
"So I wanted to let you know WHY I did a change for my blog. Why did I pick the name? What do I want to convey? Why do I see this as a better fit? and maybe some other things...
Why did I change my blog title? Even though my life was pretty Random & Crazy, I was thinking that I started this blog back in Dec of 2007. I just finished writing my 200th post (sorry no giveaways...maybe on another post I will do a giveaway) A lot of things have happened since than...3 job changes, 1 pregnancy gone all the way through with the outcome of a little boy, 1 pregnancy on the way, LOTS of moves (3), Lots of vacations, Lots of Crafts, a couple book reviews...etc. I just really felt that I needed to expand upon what was happening and perhaps give you more a focus (or myself) of what I want to use this blog.
Why did I pick the name? I have done some research about blog names and what people past name was SO long that I didn't think people actually remembered it. So I picked the name "Pics, Pages & Purls" because it seems to suit who I am and some people thought it was a cute idea. :)
What do I want to convey? Alright...I will go step by step on this...Pics - I will STILL put Pictures on this blog; family pics, nature pics, misc. pics, etc. Pages - I actually want to get better at this but talking about what I'm reading, whether it be the reviews that I do, or just a good read etc. Purls - If you don't know but purling is one of the things you can do while knitting. You knit and you purl, etc. So I want to share more of my knitting and other crafty things that I'm able to do.
I see "Pics, Pages & Purls" as a better fit for me and that I will be able to use this title for a while. I love all these 3 things and want to write that to you! So I hope that you understand. I hope you like the changes and I REALLY like comments it helps me become a better writer of what is going on and what I want to convey."

So that is Day 2 of ME! I should be posting some pics of our family trip to Black Canyon that we did 2 days ago as well as some pics of our trip to Clear Creek Falls that we did yesterday afternoon. :) I have also finished an adorable baby girl hat and started on baby girl's blanket. I just haven't uploaded and edited the pics I want to share.
Here is a picture of "Z" in his "Strong Defense" shirt with a tank we got for Uncle Dav-Dav who is in Iraq as a COMBAT soldier and he is doing his letters on Rick's sweatshirt.

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